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Got a Heating or Plumbing problem? Call us now: 020 8399 0408
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Other Gas Appliances

We undertake work on other gas appliances as listed below:


We install, repair and even supply and fit new hobs/cookers. The majority of standard 4 burner hobs are not worth repairing. The cost of the diagnostic visit followed by the return visit to fit parts and the price of the parts make it prohibitive to repair them. A new white hob can be supplied and fitted for less than £200+VAT. With hobs that are 5 or 6 burners in size unless they are old repair is usually viable.

Cookers are usually worth the investigation unless they are very old.

leaking gas escape fault finding

Warm air units

Warm air units are quite specialised and not all companies are able to off the service and repair of such units. At Transgas Services we are able to offer the service and repair of the units but not a new installation. We can replace them with a wet heating system (radiators).

Gas escapes

If you think you can smell gas you should immediately call SGN on 0800 111 999 and they will come and visit and confirm that you have or have not got a gas emergency. If you do have a gas leak they will make it safe but in most scenarios they do not trace or repair the leak. This is where Transgas Services can help to get your gas back on in a speedy and timely manner.

Gas fires

Transgas Services repair and service gas fires and have a trusted contact who installs them also. Whether it be a radiant fire, coal/log effect fire, basket fire or a flueless gas fire we undertake repairs and servicing on all makes/models.

Connection/disconnection works

Transgas Services can assist you with the disconnection or re-connection of gas appliances. Replacing your kitchen and need a gas hob fitting but no pipes in place, or need an old one removing as you are moving over to an electric induction hob? Transgas Services can assist.

Want an old fire disconnected as you never use it? Transgas Services can help.

Having your gas meter moved? SGN will move the gas meter but will not run any pipe work to connect the outlet of the meter to your current gas pipe carcass. This is where Transgas Services can work with SGN and come in on the same day or even before the meter being moved so your disruption of no gas is kept to a minimum. Especially important in the depths of winter to minimise lack of heating/hot water.

Coal/log effect

Basket Fires