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Got a Heating or Plumbing problem? Call us now: 020 8399 0408
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Transgas Services Plumbing and Heating

At Transgas Services, we are one of Surrey’s leading heating and plumbing services. Our team provides professional central heating installation, repair and service, along with various other aspects of general plumbing. Located in Surbiton, our services are delivered across the city and to surrounding areas. In fact, we are consistently working on growing our team, allowing us to cater to a broader area.

In addition, we are a Worcester, accredited partner with extensive experience across all aspects of fault finding, repair and installation. Our plumbers are some of the best in the country, ensuring that clients are treated to the highest quality service that money can buy.

Our engineers work hard to ensure that clients are provided with the highest quality service while helping to minimise any inconvenience they may experience.

Why Choose Transgas Services?

Since its founding in 2003, we have been responsible for working on some of the country’s most significant, most challenging projects.

We have been honoured to work with leading names like Sir Alfred McAlpine Utility Services, CORGI, and Morrison Utility Services, amongst others.

Our goal continues to be treating clients to the highest quality service while minimising the inconvenience brought on by the issue they are facing.

We provide the after-mentioned services.

Boiler Service

All boiler owners need to get their boilers serviced every year, and they must be serviced professionally. Fortunately, our seasoned boiler specialists will inspect and service your boiler in the best possible way. We will check the levels of combustion, performance, efficiency and overall well-being.

If there is an issue, we will address it right away. Identifying problems with your boiler in time, and often before winter, saves you a great deal of frustration and money. Our service can help prevent potential breakdowns even if you have a relatively new boiler installed.

Hobs and Cookers

We also repair, and supply cookers/hobs. In our experience, most four burner hobs shouldn’t be fixed because it can’t be done reliably. The cost associated with the diagnostic visit and the parts makes them prohibitively expensive to repair.

Fortunately, we can fit a new white hot for under £200+VAT. However, if you have a cooker, they are worth investigating and troubleshooting if less than three years old.

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Warm air units

Warm air unit repair is specialised, which is why not everyone can offer it. But at Transgas Services, we offer both the repair and service of these units. We can also replace your existing warm air unit with a wet heating system if required.

General Plumbing

Transgas Services also has a team of professionals handling general plumbing issues like toilets, back-to-wall or level cisterns. Whether the toilet will not flush correctly or if it is cracked, we can help you. Our service extends to all types of toilet systems.

We can also install something you might have purchased or supply you with the right one. Our team comes to your home with a fully stocked van, with ball valves and toilet siphons, ensuring adequate repairs on the spot anywhere in Surrey.

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